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 Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone Systems

Voice over IP phone systems are basically a simple device that converts sound in to network data packets and sent through the Internet to any other standard phone.

The network gear and wiring is the same as ones used for computers with the exception that some utilize what is called a POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch which carries the electricity required to power the VOIP phone along side of the data without the need of a wall transformer.

The benefits of these are that except for the phones all the other network management systems reside at the service provider’s location rather than at your business.

Another great feature is that the phones are not tied to your location like traditional phones. This means that you can have extensions at your location, more extensions in another state and even more in another country. You could even have one at your home that rings like an extension at the office.

Basically the options are endless with these systems as they can be configured to provide a huge array of features.