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Remote Web Access

If you have the need to connect to your office desktop but don't want to install or configure anything then Remote Web Access is your solution. All you need is a web browser and Internet access.

TO start out you will need to know the address that has been assigned to your Remote Web Access Server. Usually this will look something like If you don't know what that is you will need to ask your network administrator.

Once you have your Remote Web Access address you just need to open your browser and type it into the address bar.

Now that you are on the main page just remember that your login user name and password is exactly the same that you use to log into your desktop computer.

This is the main page where you have access to all your option when connected remotely to the Remote Web Access Server. From here you can see on the far left, the link to your desktop. Click on that icon and you will be prompted to either run or save a shortcut that will initiate a Remote Desktop Connection to your office desktop computer.

As you notice in the middle, you have links that will open the Shared Folders that you have access to on your Server.

On the right, you have useful links provided by your network administrator that point to various locations.

Lastly, If you click on your name on the upper right hand corner of the page you have access the change your password or sign out links. Remember if you change your password here it will also change your password when you log into your desktop computer in the office.

Ultimately if you just want to remote to your desktop and don't need to access anything else on the Remote Web Access page you can skip all that and connect directly to your desktop.

IF you remember from the steps above when you click on your desktop icon you were prompted to either run or save the Remote Desktop shortcut. If you save it you can use that to bypass the entire Remote Web Access website and connect directly to your office desktop.

This is useful if you don't need to access anything else and just want to go straight to your desktop by just clicking on your saved shortcut.