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 Remote Computer Support

We are a Microsoft based consulting business and we like to take advantage of the tools that are offered by Microsoft to support our clients. There is no need to install anything on your computers or any reason to circumvent the security on your network for us to get access to your network.

Built in to the Microsoft server line and the Professional version of their desktop operating systems is a service named Remote Desktop Services. Through the use of this feature we have many options of connecting, reviewing your issues and resolving them remotely without the need to physically be at your location.

We can do administration tasks on your server(s), manage network equipment and most importantly user desktops. On desktops we can either log in and have the desktop fully functional as if we were standing in front of it or we can interact with the user seeing what they see on their screen.

Being able to interact with the user is specially helpful when we need to do training or having the user show how they are interacting with the computer.

The security and inscription is completely authenticated by the server and can even be done through an even more secure Virtual Private Network connection between us and your location.

But the best advantage of this support solution is that there is no drive time wait for you and we can schedule certain jobs to be performed after hours so your desktops are ready for you when you return in the morning.